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book-icon The National Lutheran Health and Medical Board (NLHMB) is one of 8 partners selected by National AIDS Control organization (NACO) to implement a national level intervention through a Private Public Partnership Model by involving Private Health Care Providers in STI/RTI Management under the NACP III in two North Eastern States of India – Mizoram and Manipur.
NACP III envisages the involvement of all types of private health care providers through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for comprehensive STI/RTI treatment services with appropriate safeguards to ensure quality. This programme was conceived since the majority of people seeking STI/RTI treatment in India prefer visiting the private health care providers. It is an established fact that effective prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections is the most cost effective intervention to reverse the HIV epidemic progress. div The PPP model involves franchising of Health care providers according to the system of medicine they practise to provide preventive and curative services to the people infected with STI/RTI. The programme is intended to improve the quality management of STI/RTI and/or preventive STI/RTI service and that of the AYUSH and other health care providers, through preventative services by providing counselling and referral services. div The program is being implemented by NLHMB in 2 districts of Mizoram and 4 districts in Manipur. Presently we have franchised 40 allopaths, who are being provided with on going supervisory support to enhance competence in syndromic management of RTI/STI. Nearly 120 non-allopaths including traditional healers are provided with training on counselling skills under this programme.
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